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Step 1 - Pick Your Piece

We have a wide range of items to select from, prices range from $5 to $100, average price range $20-25 dollars. Our staff can help you to create your idea or feel free to look at our wide selection of idea books. You can sketch your design on your piece with a pencil, it will burn off in the firing stage and not be seen.

Step 2 - Apply Paint 

We have a great selection of colors to chose from to create your masterpiece. Chose your colors and our staff will get them for you. Any spaces you leave blank will be shiny white after the firing process.

Step 3 - We Take It From Here 

This is where we take your piece and dip in our glaze and fire in our kiln at 1800* degrees. Your paint colors and piece take on a whole new look.

Step 4 - Pick Up 

Pick up your finished piece, usually ready in 7-10 days, you will be called when ready for pick up.

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