Come and have fun for your birthday, great for all ages!

Here's how it works:

  • Call or come into and our friendly helpful staff can let you know which dates are available.

  • Room Fee of $50 dollars: Covers 2 hours in the party room, plus an employee to help out as needed) 

  • Normally people go for the $10-$20 per person limit

** Additional time for party room use is available for an extra $20 dollars per hour. Must verify at time of booking if additional time is available.


On the day of your event:

  • You will be greeted by our friendly staff member and shown to the party room.

  • There will be a table for your cake, food, drinks and gifts. We will be happy to help you with setup, if needed.

  • Once all guests have arrived, we will give a short introduction to the painting process.

  • Each piece will be marked with the guests initials and symbol identifying the party as a whole.

  • When the guests have finished, the staff will collect the pieces and clean up the table(s).

  • At this time the Cake, Drinks and Food can be served. 

  • In approx 7-10 days the order will be ready for pick up. We will call and let you know when it is ready.