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Work In Progress Pieces

If you do not finish your piece in studio, you can take it home to come back and finish another day. You will receive 1 free visit in the first 30 days after purchasing. If you do not come back in those 30 days or come back a second time after your first free visit- you will be charged $15 for each piece each time you come in to finish.

Finished Pieces Ready for Pickup

Once your piece is finished we will glaze and fire it and call you when it's ready to be picked up. We only hold finished pieces for 30 days after the first phone call. Once 30 days has passed we will call you again to let you know you have 7 days to pick up your piece. If you do not pick up your piece in those 7 days they will be donated.

Splattered Paint

We do not sit any new painters up to 30min before closing.
 Pickups only.

Estimated 7-10 day firing process

All finished pieces take an estimated time of 7-10 days for the firing process to be finished from January to November 15th and an estimated 10-14 days from November 16th to December 31st. All pieces needed by Christmas need to be finished and turned in by December 15th. No expedite fee accepted at Christmas time.

If you would like it sooner we can charge you a $10 expedite fee for each piece and get it to you in a minimum of 3 days. We have the right to deny any customer this request if we have to full of a load or too big a line of pieces.

Birthday Party room reservation groups may show up a minimum of 20min before their scheduled party time. You may not begin painting until the birthday party paint instructor is present and has given the party directions.

Birthday Party 

Dropping of a child to paint alone

Parents are welcome to drop off responsible kids ages 10 and up  to paint by themselves at the studio any of our operating hours. Parents will be required to fill out a contact form for emergency purposes.

We ask that parents stay with any kids ages 9 and under. 

Any running, rough housing or disruption will not be tolerated. A parent will be called to come pick up their child and will not be allowed to drop them off to paint alone in the future.

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