It's Party Time! Here's how it works...

- Call and let us know when you would like to reserve the party. We will double check to make sure we are available. We have a party room in the back of the studio where the event will be held.

- (If it's a birthday party) Birthday girl/boy will get their handprint on the wall along with their name and age next to it. 

- You can decorate beforehand if you'd like. 

- We say $10-$20 per person is a good price range (it is completely up to the person hosting the event)


Need more space? Our entire studio is available to rent.

Ideal for parties of 15 or more.

Great for Team building and Office Parties.


  • Contact our staff to find out about available dates



$50 Room Fee (this covers the 2 hours you are given, plus an employee to assist throughout the duration of the party) 


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